Teacher Qualities & Skills

Teacher Qualities & Skills

Designing Critical Spaces and Implementing Key Activities in the Outdoor Classroom

This workshop shows how to organize activity areas in a yard to best support children’s development. Many photographic examples are shown to assist the participants in seeing how yards can be designed and activities organized and set up no matter what kind of environment you initially have to work with. (1.5–3 hours)

Communication Training

The quality of communication among child care center staff, and by staff to parents and children, is fundamental to the quality of the center.  Just as the quality of relationships in a center is fundamental to the center’s quality, so does the quality of communication in a center determine the quality of relationships. This training is offered in a series, with the most basic skills taught and practiced first and more complex taught later. This training can be very effective when provided for the entire staff of a center. (2–3 hours for the introductory event, approx. 2 hours for each of the succeeding modules)

Fostering Teacher Engagement with Children and Activities Outdoors

Teachers are the single most critical element needed for the successful implementation of the Outdoor Classroom.  This workshop will provide keys to getting teachers invested and involved in its success, and provide both a theoretical explanation and examples of effective teacher engagement with children and children’s activities outdoors.  Participants will have an opportunity to see effective teacher engagement in action in the CEC outdoor environment. (1–3 hours)

Conceiving, Designing, and Operating a Year-Round Garden & Curriculum Center

Gardens are the single richest activity area you can develop; they can be the heart of a high-quality Outdoor Classroom.  This workshop will show you a variety of approaches to ways in which gardens can be created and serve as a center of a variety of activities. (1–2 hours)

Utilizing Nature Notes

This advanced workshop teaches the Nature Notes technique of documentation developed by our collaborating partner, Nature Explore. Teachers who carefully document children’s activities outdoors become more effective with Outdoor Classroom implementation even if they are experienced. Quality documentation of children’s activities is a proven method of gaining support from parents and funders for Outdoor Classroom development. (3 hours)

Creating and Supporting the Outdoor Classroom: Keys to Gaining the Support of Teachers, Directors, Parents, Boards, and Community

One of the most frequent questions concerning the implementation of the Outdoor Classroom is how to get others on board – teachers, directors, parents, boards, and members of the community who might provide support. Utilizing real life examples, this workshop presents successful strategies for engaging and involving these groups.  Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their real-life challenges and receive coaching from experienced presenters who have built successful organizations through engaging key constituencies. (1.5–2.5 hours)