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Outdoor Classroom Activities

With over 200 photographs covering 24 activity topics, this workshop provides an extensive survey of many kinds of activities that can be carried out outdoors.  It is ideal both for those beginning their Outdoor Classroom and those who are experienced but looking for additional ideas.  This workshop is often paired with the introductory workshop. (1-2 hours)

Designing Critical Spaces and Implementing Key Activities in the Outdoor Classroom

This workshop shows how to organize activity areas in a yard to best support children’s development. Many photographic examples are shown to assist the participants in seeing how yards can be designed and how activities can be organized and set up no matter what kind of environment you initially have to work with. (1.5–3 hours)

Conceiving, Designing, and Operating a Year-Round Garden & Curriculum Center

Gardens are the single richest activity area you can develop; they can be the heart of a high quality Outdoor Classroom.  This workshop will show you a variety of ways in which gardens can be created and serve as a center of a variety of activities. (1–2 hours)

Cultivating a Reggio-Inspired Outdoor Classroom

The philosophy, principles, and practices of Reggio and Outdoor Classroom are not only compatible, but beautifully support one another. This popular workshop offers a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the application of each of these approaches. (1.5–2.5 hours)

Helping Children Learn with Mud

“Most anything a child needs to learn can be experienced through mud play” is the provocative idea of workshop creator Randee Norwood.  This workshop offers an entertaining, hands-on experience outdoors at the CEC mud pit when conducted at the model site; it can also be conducted at your center. (1.5-2.5 hours)

The Math and Science Learning Environment of the Outdoor Classroom

For many teachers, bringing math and science into the classroom is a daunting thought. This workshop shows participants how math and science can be joyfully and successfully explored and learned outside through the Outdoor Classroom with teacher support. (1–2 hours)

Creating Worm Bins and Conducting Composting

Worms and composting are important elements of your Outdoor Classroom and garden. This two-part workshop first explores creating worm bins and working with worms through a hands-on activity.  It is followed by a workshop on creating a compost for your program. This workshop includes an activity with a compost barrel. (1–1.5 hours)