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What is an Outdoor Classroom Project Specialist Training Series?

Our Specialist Training Series is designed to increase the base of early childhood educators trained in a fundamental understanding of the Outdoor Classroom. Experience has shown that child care centers are most likely to successfully implement the Outdoor Classroom when there is at least one skilled teacher available to lead implementation activities.

The Specialist Training Series is composed of three sets of training series: Level I, II, and III. Each level consists of three full days of training, taking place on one Saturday a month for three consecutive months. Successful completion of each training is recognized by a certificate of completion that includes recognition of professional development hours.

For information regarding our 2018 Annual Conference on Saturday, January 27, visit our event page!

Upcoming Training Sessions


Outdoor Classroom Specialist Training, Level I

Fundamentals of the Outdoor Classroom, Series of three workshops

Northern California Level I Training Series: Marin & Sonoma Counties
Locations and registration to be announced
Saturday, March 10
Saturday, April 14
Saturday, May 19

Southern California Level I Training Series
Locations and registration to be announced
Saturday, March 24
Saturday, April 28
Saturday, May 19


Outdoor Classroom Specialist Training, Level II

Growing the Outdoor Classroom, Series of three workshops

Southern California Level II Training Series
OCP Model Site: Child Educational Center
140 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada, CA, 91011
Registration to be announced

Saturday, June 23
Saturday, July 14
Saturday, August 18


Outdoor Classroom Specialist Training, Level III

Sustaining the Outdoor Classroom, Series of three workshops
The Child Educational Center
140 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada, CA, 91011
Fall 2018. Dates and locations to be announced.

Training Series Specifics

Level I: Fundamentals of the Outdoor Classroom

The Outdoor Classroom Specialist Training Level I workshops provide early childhood professionals a unique opportunity to acquire enhanced skills for cultivating and sustaining the Outdoor Classroom at their centers. Centers that wish to acquire “Demonstration” or “Recognized” status need to have at least one teacher who has completed the Specialist Level I training.

Workshop 1:  Anchoring the Outdoor Classroom
Workshop 2:  Evaluating Outdoor Programs and Environments
Workshop 3:  Fundamentals of Implementing the Outdoor Classroom

Required Reading for Specialist I:

Level II: Growing the Outdoor Classroom

Participants of the Specialist Training Level II discover the next steps in nurturing the Outdoor Classroom. Emphasis will be placed on assisting centers in moving toward, achieving, or enhancing “Demonstration Site” or “Recognized Site” status. Staff from existing Demonstration or Recognized Sites are offered special training opportunities. Participants select one or more objectives to accomplish over the duration of the workshop series.

Workshop 1:  Creating Strategic Approaches
Workshop 2:  Using Effective Communications to Develop Programs and Activities
Workshop 3:  Securing the Outdoor Classroom and Initiating Activity Centers

Level III: Sustaining the Outdoor Classroom

The Level III training series is designed to further anchor several facets discovered in Specialist Levels I & II. Each Level III session features a Nature Explore hands-on workshop that is specifically integrated into the overall Specialist approach to Outdoor Classrooms. In addition, participants receive expanded exposure: to effective communication and how to foster teacher engagement; and the myriad of ways in which your Outdoor Classroom can be sustained including accessing in-kind and financial resources.

Workshop 1:  Integrating Nature into Outdoor Classrooms
Workshop 2:  Deepening Our Work with the Outdoor Classroom
Workshop 3:  Utilizing Creativity to Sustain and Evolve Your Outdoor Classroom

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