Conferences FAQs photo1. Who should attend?
Outdoor Classroom Project conferences are designed for Early Childhood Educators, especially teachers and administrators.

2. Can I attend if I am not an Early Childhood Educator?
Yes. However, you should know that the conferences are designed for them.

3. Who else might find value in attending?
Anyone who could be involved in the development of the outdoor environments and programs of centers of early care and education – architects and other designers, contractors, facility and maintenance personnel, agency administrators, and other decision-makers who influence the operation and direction of ECE programs.

4. If I have attended an Outdoor Classroom Project Conference in the past, should I attend another one?
Yes! For those who attended in the past, each additional conference will provide a different focus based on the latest research, and build upon past conference content.

5. If I am attending the Outdoor Classroom Project Specialist Trainings, should I attend a conference?
Yes. Much of the information provided at our conferences is different from our Specialist Trainings.

6. What is the benefit of attending?
ECE professionals at varying levels of Outdoor Classroom experience who want to further the development of the Outdoor Classroom in their programs will strengthen their understanding and their skills. They will learn how to better understand, articulate, and implement Outdoor Classroom concepts and practices, and evaluate and modify environments and programs. Non-ECE professionals will learn how ECE professionals approach this domain as well as learn about subject matter directly related to their profession.

7. How will I know that I am registered?
You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your registration and payment.

8. Can someone else attend from my center as a substitute if I can’t make it?
Yes, but please notify us of the change as soon as possible.

9. Will there be Spanish translation of the presentations?
No, but the “Outdoor Classroom Project Staff Training Guide” and some written materials will be available in Spanish for purchase. Also, if you would like to speak with someone in Spanish during the training, we will have a number of Spanish-speaking staff available to talk informally. Please contact Cristina Michel with questions about our services in Spanish.

10. I’m coming from out of town. What about airports, lodging and food?
Burbank Airport is the closest (19 miles). Ontario and Los Angeles International are equidistant at 36 miles, however traffic is easier from Ontario. Pasadena is 5 minutes from the conference location and has many accommodations with a wide range of prices. Pasadena is also known for its great selection of excellent restaurants. We can help you find a hotel or restaurant if you’d like.

11. If I come on Friday or stay over to Monday, can I visit the CEC and see the children and teachers in action?
Yes, contingent on prior registration.

12. If I stay in the area for more than Saturday, will there be anything else related to the Outdoor Classroom Project to see besides your program?
Yes, you may visit a selection of Outdoor Classroom Project Demonstration Sites in the L.A. area contingent on prior registration.

13. What is an Outdoor Classroom Project Demonstration Site or Recognized Site?
These are sites that have achieved certain levels of development of their Outdoor Classroom which has been confirmed by the Outdoor Classroom Project. Demonstration Sites have agreed to be visited by professionals who are interested in seeing examples of the Outdoor Classroom. Recognized Sites only commit to maintaining OCP standards.

14. What kinds of things are you selling at the conferences?
We are selling the Outdoor Classroom Project Staff Training Guide (in English and Spanish), several DVDs and some selected books, including Eric Nelson’s “Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms”.

15. What type of media displays will be available?
Book displays, video presentations, and panel boards.

16. Can I pay at the door?
Your registration is only complete when you have paid. If you wait to pay at the door, you may not get in. The conferences tend to get fully booked in advance.

17. If I miss the conference I registered for, can I get my money back?
You can obtain a partial refund of your fee minus a $35 administrative charge as late as two weeks prior to the conference. After that date, any fee paid is non-refundable.

18. How often are the conferences being held?
Our conferences take place once a year, usually in January, and offer a new format and new content each year.

19. If I live outside of Los Angeles County, is there a chance you will hold a conference in my area?
We can, and have held conferences in other areas. We do so when other organizations are willing to handle the logistics.

20. What if it rains?
Whatever the weather, the conference and all workshops will be held as scheduled. Consistent with the Outdoor Classroom Project philosophy, any planned outdoor activities will be implemented to take advantage of that day’s weather conditions.